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    to be understood
  • I don´t paint women

    I paint pictures
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About the artist

Basilio is an artist painter about whom nothing has been known

Therefore, I invite you to look at my paintings and help me to unbury their secrets, to bring them to light, adding in consequence your own mark to the creative process.

Upon exploring my paintings I want you to go back to your childhood and rediscover the mysteries of the world.




Abstract identities I

Oil on canvas. 81 x 100 cm.

"I did not paint it to be understood but simply to show what such scene was like" J.M.W.Turner.

Abstract identities II

Oil on canvas. 81 x 100 cm.

"The emotion of beauty is always obscured by the appearance of the object. Therefore the object must be eliminated from the picture" Piet Mondrian.

The green line

Oil on canvas. 70 x 85 cm.

"First of all, I don´t paint women. I paint pictures" Henry Matisse.

The stranger (homage to Albert Camus)

Oil on canvas. 91 x 65 cm.

I ask to myself: do you live inside or outside the rules of modern society?. You decide if you want to break free from the logical social rules!

Pasmao (Astonished)

20 X 20 cm . Oil on canvas.

“Nothing better than primitive sculpture have been created. Who is not attracted by the precision of cavern paintings? Assirian reliefs still have the same purity on their expression. That wonderful SIMPLICITY have been lost because man has stopped being simple. He wanted to see more and lost the ability to comprehend what was before his eyes” Pablo Picasso.

"Pasmao" is also available in t-shirts, mugs, bags, stickers...

The cosmic salamander

65 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, the soul is the strings” Wassily Kandisky.


70 x 85 cm. Oil on canvas

“The present, as in a mirror's reflection, does not exist. You can own the mirror but not the reflections that appear over it .” Javier Moreno (Alma, lengua de trapo).


32 x 24 cm. Oil on canvas

The word “ORCLIDES” is an internal sound that awakes a vibration inside the heart.

Look behind and remember you are a man. (Respice postte hominem te esse memento). Homage to Julius Caesar.

33 x 24 cm. Oil canvas

“Men, as elements of the universe, are created for constant, and perhaps eternal, movement” Wassily Kandisky.

The seed of the future

Oil on canvas. 65 x 80 cm.

The abstract is the non-natural. The inner nature that answers to Socrates' sentence: “Get to know yourself”.

Moon bath

60 x 30 cm. Oil on canvas

“To throw light into the depths of the human heart is the artist's mission”. Robert Schumann (composer).

The secret heart of the mechanic hummingbird

Oil on canvas. 59 x 80 cm.

The hummingbird (or "mainumbí" for quaraníes) was the collector of souls. When they make their appearance in a garden, they tell us that the souls of our beloved ones are fine.

The moon collectors

Oil on canvas. 58 x 80 cm.

“It takes a long time to grow young”. Pablo Picasso.

The path

Oil on canvas. 80 x 64 cm.

The ancestral chinese philosophy of Tao says that nature is as it is, it is Tao, it is the path, and if we paint nature, we are painting the path indeed.